The National Association for Child Development Associates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is including in NACDA membership?

An official NACDA membership card. Connections to a network of other early childhood professionals throughout the United States and throughout the world. Education pertaining to current early childhood issues and challenges. A quarterly e-newsletter. Members discounts on NACDA resources, Child Development Associate (CDA) renewal classes, annual early childhood training hours online and other exciting items.
FREE - Periodic enewsletter sent via email
     FREE - Updates about the early childhood field
     $5 OFF - CDA book orders with
     $5 OFF - CDA Renewal book orders with
     $2 OFF - Trainings with
     $5 OFF - CDA application packets with
     $5 OFF - CDA Renewal application packets with
     $2 OFF - webcam orders with
     $10 GIFT CARD - for each person you refer to NACDA who joins

How much does it cost to become a NACDA member?

Annual membership is only $45. NACDA offers a discount if you would join for two or more years.

Does NACDA membership meet the membership organization requirement for CDA and/or CDA renewal?

Yes, for CDA resource file item criteria and CDA renewal national organization membership criteria. A majority of our members are working toward the CDA credential or CDA renewal and join NACDA to meet this membership requirement. Additionally many of our members continue their relationship with NACDA for several years there after.

What is the NACDA e-newsletter?

NACDA offers an online e-newsletter on a quarterly basis highlighting information about the Child Development Associate (CDA) crendential and other important early childhood topics and trends.

How do I access the NACDA email advice line?

Simply join NACDA and then email your question, your full name and your NACDA membership identification number. Within a few days one of our qualified representatives will email you.

Where do you suggest individuals attend CDA and CDA renewal classes?

NACDA strongly encourages members to attend online classes for CDA and CDA Renewal classes with NACDA members receive discounts for CDA and CDA renewal classes at